New Health Care System Forces Doctors to Make Big Decisions Affecting Income

The passage of the national health care reform bill, although shocking that it passed, has forced doctors to make career decisions they never thought would face them. The health insurance industry is radically changed now that the government has taken it over. This national health plan is going to be just like the Medicare program … Continue reading “New Health Care System Forces Doctors to Make Big Decisions Affecting Income”

The passage of the national health care reform bill, although shocking that it passed, has forced doctors to make career decisions they never thought would face them. The health insurance industry is radically changed now that the government has taken it over. This national health plan is going to be just like the Medicare program which for years has been a non-profitable patient base for doctors, because it has always been the lowest fee schedule of all insurance plans. This new plan is just a Medicare program for people not old enough to be on the original Medicare plan.

The reimbursements to physicians for patients on the national health plan appeared good for doctors at first because they said it will be 10% above Medicare rates. The problem is that the first thing the government is going to do is implement Medicare reimbursement cuts of 21%. The reimbursements from private insurance companies will be drastically decreased because the rates of reimbursement are based on Medicare rates, so all insurance companies will follow suit by decreasing their fee schedules.

The private health insurance industry is also radically changed because the government has taken control of them also by dictating what benefits can be offered to their policyholders. Not only will the government control what procedures are done and when they get done in the national health plan, but soon they will also have the same control over the policies of private insurance companies.

Doctors are facing big decisions of whether or not to even treat Medicare patients anymore and whether or not to be a part of the national health plan. It will not be a good situation to have government control of physicians. If treatment options and procedures are controlled and rationed by the government, and income for the physicians is sharply decreased, it doesn’t make for a very good business decision for the doctor to participate. The job of a physician is to care for patients but the doctor also has to run a business, his practice, or there won’t be an office and staff to treat the patients. There is an overhead expense per patient seen in the office and income must surpass that amount or the doctor will be out of business. Most of the public, and most politicians, don’t stop to think that a doctor’s office is a business first, allowing the office to be able to treat patients. If a business loses money with a certain procedure or product it will eventually go bankrupt, and trying to make it up in volume will only push it into bankruptcy faster. Some doctors are looking for alternative career choices.

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US Health Care System Offers Highest Standards for Patients and Nurses

U.S. health care system is known to be the one of the most advanced in the world. U.S. medical institutions invested huge financial resources to implement most advanced medical technologies in patient care: from simple IV-monitors to wireless devices for remote cardiac monitoring and remote surgical robots. Modern technological equipment is used not only in major basic health facilities, but also small hospitals, including those located in rural areas. All of them use advanced methods of patient care.

Documentation is mainly computerized and ensures strict confidentiality, as provided by U.S. laws pertaining to personality rights. In order to prevent errors in dosing and choice of prescribed drugs while their issue, they use computer control with scanned bar codes.

Typically, treatment of patients is carried out in personal or double (2 beds) rooms with all amenities in each room. In the U.S., one almost cannot find a situation when one large room accommodates a few patients. In general hospital departments, a nurse usually cares for 4-6 patients, while ICU requires one nurse for 1-2 patients.

American nurse may perform such duties as participation in establishing the diagnosis, prescription of drugs, patient care and treatment, counseling patients about self-care after hospitalization.

The majority of nurses coming to work in the U.S. from other countries are surprised with free clothing style of American nurses. Traditional white uniform with a cap is no longer a norm. Most nurses wear comfortable surgical clothing and sports shoes while on duty.

After obtaining an immigration work visa, you move to the U.S., where you get the Green Card. Soon after your arrival, you will be hired to work in the U.S. medical establishment as a licensed nurse in accordance with the previously signed “labor contract.”

Our Health Care System Was Broken by Those Who Created it and Are Trying to Fix It; Why?

It would be hard to deny that our health care system in the United States of America is broken. You can ask anyone and they will tell you the same thing, whether they work in the industry or they are the ones getting the medical services. Both young and old, rich and poor, black and white agree that our health care system is a disaster. The services cost too much, health insurance is too expensive, after all this there are still mistakes, and half 1 million people die each year from superbug viruses in our hospitals.

But why is all this occurring and who was it that broke the healthcare system in the first place? Well, it was the same people who created it, the government. And it is the same people, the bureaucrats and politicians who claim that they are going to help us fix it all for us. Why on earth should we trust them?

Because of the massive flow of taxpayer’s money to reimburse doctors and hospitals for medical care, prescriptions, and often unneeded surgeries. HMOs and hospitals have been getting rich off the public dole, and many of the original HMO founders became billionaires of their business endeavors.

Our na├»ve politicians think they are going to fix the system by setting up a publicly run competing health-insurance system. That is absolutely ridiculous because the more money they spend supporting the industry, the higher the prices are going to be, because there’s nothing controlling it.

Every time our government touches something in the healthcare industry, it becomes worse. And the lawyers continually sue the doctors and hospitals raising the price for insurance, as well as the cost of each operation or surgery. It’s rather amazing, that we have lawyers running the Congress, our judicial system and our executive branch, and lawyers are a good part of the problem with our health-care system.

The government created this mess and we are all fools to let them try to fix it. What they need to do is get out of the way and let free enterprise fix itself. Until that happens nothing is going to change, no matter what you call it, who is in charge of it, or what scheme they cook up next. Please consider all this because I am not cynical, I am right.